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Small Inverter



No individual battery packs to replace means lower maintenance costs, quicker testing, and greatly reduced electronic waste - only batteries need to be replaced, not entire battery packs with electronics.

High efficiency, pure sine-wave inverter delivers full output throughout 90 minute operation.

Automatic diagnostics for connected loads through patented RLS. Every day testing alerts room occupants and custodians of problems with tubes, ballasts. When room switch is turned off emergency lights stay on for 2.5 seconds to ensure compliance with NFPA 101 and eliminate lengthy and costly monthly testing procedures, which, in some districts, requires fire marshal supervision.

The SI-L is housed in a custom, powder coated, metal panel engineered for strength, but still lightweight to reduce shipping charges and allow easy, single person handling and installation. All individual parts weigh less than 50 lbs.

Innovative battery harness with disconnects makes installation and servicing safe and easy. No factory startup required.

Modular Design - All major components are field replaceable.

Provides line voltage to any load you specify, compatible with fluorescent, incandescent, LED, halogen, and CFL loads.

Designated emergency fixtures will operate at full brightness, eliminating tedious calculations and guesswork.

Visible LED indicators supervise input, output, and charging circuits

Self resetting protection for overload, reverse polarity, shorts, temperature-controlled fan and more.

Designed for 25 year trouble-free operation

Full 3 year warranty on electronic components

6 year pro-rata warranty on batteries

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