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Relay Lighting Switch - Plenum Rated



-- UL924 listed emergency power control device can convert and control up to
20 regular light fixtures to approved emergencylights, which can be turned
on and off n the same manner as a regular light.
-- To be used in junction box in the space above a suspended ceiling
-- The emergency light fixtures' power is supplied by a 24 hour emergency
power distribution panel. The utility power company normally supplies the
power to this panel, but during a power failure, this panel is automatically
switched over to a local generator source by means of a UL1008 transfer
switch. The standard room switch turns both regular and emergency lights
on and off through the same switch leg, by means of the RLS. Use of the
RLS provides an energy savings by turning emergency lights on and off:
manually with room switch or automatically with an occ sensor. During
local or general power failure, these emergency fixtures will illuminate
automatically, regardless of room switch position, confirming to all life safety
-- The RLS is equipped with a green LED which indicates if regular utility
power is available and field wiring is connected correctly.
-- The red LED has the same function for emergency power in a new
-- These indicators will confirm the correct wire connections and continuity to
branch and emergency panels
-- The RLS is equipped with an automatic diagnostic test feature which is
initiated when the room switch is momentarily turned on and off. This
proceedure will turn the emergency luminaires on for 2.5 seconds, indicating
that an emergency power source is available and that hte RLS, ballast, and
lamp are all functioning properly.
-- 20 Amp
-- 1800W
-- 20 Amp
-- 1500W
-- Size: 11/2" x 31/2" x 3"
-- Weight: 8 oz
-- Ambient Temp: 32oF - 140oF (0oC - 60oC)
-- 5 Year Warranty
-- UL924 Listed

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